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Updated: Jun 29

1. How can AI help in business?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) can significantly improve business processes by automating routine tasks, analyzing big data, and predicting market trends. Using AI allows for more informed decision-making, improving customer service, reducing costs, and increasing overall business efficiency.

2. What risks are associated with using artificial intelligence for investing?

The use of AI in investing comes with certain risks, such as dependence on data quality, the possibility of algorithmic errors, and the need for constant model updates. There is also the risk of data privacy and cybersecurity breaches.

3. How does Carrota Capital use AI and Big Data in its investment strategies?

Carrota Capital applies AI and big data analysis for deep market trend analysis, risk prediction, and investment decision optimization. These technologies allow us to identify hidden opportunities and make more accurate and timely decisions.

4. What benefits does investing in modern technologies provide?

Investing in modern technologies allows us to remain at the forefront of the market, increasing efficiency and competitiveness. Technological investments also contribute to sustainable growth and open new opportunities for innovation and development.

5. How do you manage risks when using AI?

We use proactive risk management strategies, including constant monitoring and assessment of AI models, data security, and the implementation of strict cybersecurity standards. Our experts regularly update algorithms and conduct audits to minimize potential risks.

6. In which sectors do you invest?

Carrota Capital invests in a variety of sectors, including IT technologies, AI, renewable energy sources, and infrastructure. Our approach to diversification allows us to minimize risks and maximize returns.

7. Is it possible to provide Carrota Capital with funds for management?

No, our company does not use third-party capital.

8. What strategies do you use for long-term growth?

We apply long-term planning strategies, focusing on sustainable and promising projects. Our approach includes deep data analysis, portfolio diversification, and the use of advanced technologies for investment decision optimization.

9. How to contact your team for additional information?

You can contact us through the feedback form on our website, by email at

We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide the necessary information.

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